Common asked questions

  • How many people are working at  Capteur DMotion ?
    It’s two of us: Sébastien and Sandra.

    What is the interest of this duo ?
    Our main interest is to offer you a high quality and personalized service on a personal level and also on a relational level.

  • How can we meet you ?

    We move around a lot and have for habit to suggest you a phone conversation at first. Then, we meet our clients where they want, any days and anytime. As they wish.

  • Where do you work ?

    Customer service is what matters the most for us. That is why, if your union is celebrated in Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux, Nice, Lille, Monaco, Dijon, in France or abroad, we will follow you to create a report of the best day of your life.

  • If you are doing the report abroad, how much will it cost ?

    For a wedding abroad, we simply ask to the newlyweds to take care of our transportation and accommodation. For our services and price range, it won’t change.

  • How long in advance, do we need to book with you ?

    As soon as possible! The ideal is to confirm us your reservation within 8 to 12 months before the date of your wedding.

  • How to confirm our reservation ?

    As soon as you take your decision, we’ll make a contract which commits us to each other. To confirm your reservation, we require a 35% deposit on the asking price.

  • How many reports do you do every weekend ?

    Only one, it is part of our commitment. Indeed, our approach implies that we are at your entire and exclusive service during your wedding day.

  • How long does your service last ?

    We do not work by the hour.We are present right from the beginning, newlyweds getting ready, up to the opening of the danceball. The objective is to recount most faithfully possible your day in pictures.

  • How many pictures do you take ?

    During the entire day, we take up to 2000 pictures. Naturally, all of themdo not present a major interest. After choosing a selection, about 400 to 500 are stored and reworked.