What is a Wedding Photographer ?

In the last few years, many things have changed in the world of photography and as Wedding Photographers it’s important for us to not forget the bases of this profession.
Wedding Photographers are not decreeing.
Wedding Photographers are not improvisators.
A Wedding Photographer, before anything else, is a mix of 2 passions totally different, yet complementary: the passion of image and the passion of human beings.
Before becoming a Wedding Photographer, we spent many years in training learning the different technical sides of photo shots, photo reports, and in optimizing photos. Comprehending an event as important as a marriage requires undisputable technical skills… especially if we’re following the wedding with a photo report.

Once these skills acquired, before becoming a Wedding Photographer, there is a quality needed… that is not taught in the books: generosity and the passion of others. It’s this alchemy that must work if we want to be a Wedding Photographer. These are moral values that we believe in and these are the moral values we use to provide you with photos that are rich artistically and emotionally. In a phase where digital has democratized photo shots ( and that’s fine!), it’s important to understand that only a professional Wedding Photographer will provide you with mastered photos… trust them! Compare photos, follow-ups, the set up for your event ( and not just the prices)… you will quickly see the differences between the professional Wedding Photographers and the others.

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